Kevin Camp

Jessica with Tabb Models for my Obsessions fine art portrait series on Fuji instant film

Streetwise summer fashion with Chloe from Brink Models

More instant film images from shoot with allicatmeow for my Obsessions project

Lovely Allie for my fine art Obsession series on instant film


Playing in Kevin Camps studio. Always love getting to express myself with him, he’s so creative and full of helpful tips. <3

And thanks to Heather Moss for always helping me and making me look pretty for shoots, couldn’t do it without her badass skills x

Thanks for the shoot gorgeous!

Allison came by the studio

What is your definition of beauty?


I don’t think beauty is a word that needs a set definition. Beauty is something that draws you in, inspires, excites, it can be anything and in anyone. It’s why we live.

Breanna with Tabb Models in this dark art editorial

Breanna with Tabb Models

Jessica in black lace